Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 AFL Select Champions

The details for this year's release of AFL Select Champions have come to light.

Basic Info -
Each box contains 36 packs, with 7 cards plus 1 silver parallel per pack.

The Juice -
2010 AFL Draft Rookie Cards - 1:18 packs (2 per box approx?)
2011 AFL Select Champions Superstar Gem Cards (1 per box?)
2010 AFL Select Champions Rising Star Nominee's
2011 AFL Select Champions Fab Four

Big Juice -
2011 AFL Select Champions AFL Star Signatures 1:4 boxes (3 per case approx?)

From the initial images released, and based on previous releases, the new Select Champions have ditched foil signatures, and replaced them with Fab Four cards, which look like 4 different players highlighted from each of the 17 teams, if so, perhaps these will be inserted around 1:4 or 1:6 packs?
The return of Rising Stars is a good one, since the winner of the 2010 award, Daniel Hanneberry had only been on 1 card in 2008. For some players this may be there only card during their AFL career, so a thumbs for bringing this set back in 2011 after a short absence. It will be interesting to see how many Draft Rookies are featured in this year's set, in 2006 when Champions released Draft Rookie cards, inserted 2 per box, they featured picks 1-22, and with GOLD COAST having drafted 6 of the first 11 picks, lets see how many they include.
Lastly, the Authentic AFL Star Signatures inserted at 1:4 boxes. Sounds exciting, the first thing that springs to mind is how many different players are featured in the set, are they numbered, and if so how many cards has each player signed? I wonder by having signature cards in Champions, does this mean the Herald Sun release may not have any? Only a thought...due for release in Mid-March 2011.

Albums, Boxes & Cases will be available soon!

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