Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 ESP NRL Traders Box Break Rugby League Trading Cards!

Set for release as scheduled for Monday, 4th March 2013, the new 2013 NRL Traders, the NRL's official trading cards offer collectors a medium-level price point at $3.99 a pack, packed with the tough prospect to hit a signature Young Gun card, which is 1 per 6 boxes, which averages out to only 2 signatures per case. The key is that in these packs, there is the potential to snag one of the Legends Signature Cards, which will much sought-after, featuring newly-crowned 'Immortal' Andrew Johns and St George star and Immortal John Raper.

FC Exclusive Special - 3 Sealed Boxes & Album - $379.95 including delivery Australia-wide.

Check out our box we just opened!

Please note - this is a single box and album sent from the ESP Consumer Products division for promotional purposes only! Our shop stock is not due available until the release date.


Steve said...

Thanks for the vid, do you think there is value in the esp boxes compared to Select's series of the past? i am undecided if i want to spring for a full box after picking up a Starter pack and getting a premiers card and thinking it was a little underwhelming. However the retirements subset does looks like a nice set?


footycards said...

Its a medium-priced product with high returns if you snag a signature card, but then again, its been a while since you could pull a signature card from a first series release. The retirement cards alone will sell for around $15 each, and you can get 4 of those per box!