Friday, February 1, 2013

2013 NRL Traders Cards - First Glance! HOT!


It was a nice surprise late this Friday afternoon to see in our inbox, an image of what we interpret as one of the “big-ticket” cards for ESP’s ‘2013 NRL Traders’ collection which we’ve been informed will be releasing around late-Feb or early-March this year.

Despite having the privilege to see and share the image, I immediately hassled Terry Wilson, ESP’s NRL Product Manager, but he remained tight-lipped, only saying, “Dave, with the 2013 NRL Traders collection we are aiming to keep collectors at all levels happy with a broad range of cards, including signature cards”. 

No odds or ratios were not divulged, however, in any case the thought of having an opportunity to pull an Andrew Johns Legends Signature will be wetting the appetite of most collectors.

Stay tuned, as soon as we hear any other updates, we'll keep you posted via our blog!

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