Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Look - 2013 AFL Select Champions

Despite Select announcing they were going to provide collectors a preview via their Facebook page in mid-Feb, images starting surfacing in the past 48 hours with the usual advert in the 2013 AFL NAB Cup Preseason Football Record, despite the stock-standard 'secret squirrel' approach collectors and retailers hear every year from the sole AFL trading cards' Licensee.

At a glance this year's release features many of the inserts from the 2012 AFL Champions series, including the popular 'Milestone' cards, of which there are now 82 in this series. There are 18 Best & Fairest inserts, which include GWS's Callan Ward. Instead of the trio, inserted 1 per 36 packs, this year it features but a single player called 'Firepower Mirror' which includes the likes of Dayne Beams, Luke Hodge and Marc Murphy. Sadly, the player mix, as per the rear of the flyer, show many of the Mirror and B&F's offering little variety, with many players in each set.

The new 'Firepower Caricature' as drawn by artist Paul Harvey, includes 58 total cards (1 checklist, 3 players from each team with the premiers, Sydney Swans having 6 players). 

300 Games Case Cards - Jude Bolton & Luke Power

Release Date -  Friday, 1st March 2013

So lets break this down -
220 Common Base set, which includes 11 players and 1 team logo card (12-card team set)
Silver Parallel - (220 cards) 2:3 packs
2012 Best and Fairest (18) 1:18 packs
Firepower Caricature (58) 1:12 packs
AFL Milestone Game Cards (84) 1:6 packs
Firepower Mirror Cards (18) 1:36 packs

Based on these numbers, a typical box break MAY include the following - 
Silver Parallel x 24
2012 Best and Fairest x 2
Firepower Caricature x 3
AFL Milestone Game Cards x 6
Firepower Mirror Cards x 1

220-card Common Base Set - $29.95
2012 Best and Fairest - from $9.95
AFL Milestone Game Cards from $7.50
Firepower Mirror Cards from $24.95

Sealed Boxes with 36 Packs - $89.95 (Pre-Sale Price)
Sealed Cases with 12 Boxes + Case Card - $1074.95

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